Hebron Children School

Hebron Children School is the learning academy at Hebron for all the children, training them with life skills to be a better person in the society and also equipping them in the Word of God.
This program is sponsored and administrated by the Pastors and Elders team, having the vision to raise all the children with good educational standards and sound biblical knowledge.
There are many exciting activities and training in many areas helping them grow better.

Hebron Children School

Hebron children school is conducted on all Saturdays for the children. It is the bible study class filled with exciting games and activities along with singing songs and much more activity.
This school teaches children with discipline and basic necessities for them to learn and grow.
Every year, we acknowledge the hard work and efforts of the children by choosing the best student of the year based on criteria set by the organisations.

Vacation Bible School (VBS)

Vacation bible school which we refer as VBS is intensive learning program for children to grow more in the knowledge of God with in-depth bible study and many other activities.
It usually takes place during the school holidays for children and it lasts up to 2 to 3 days of learning and training in this School.
VBS is mainly run by the pastoral team and supported by Empowering Esther team to organize with all arrangements with refreshments and helping in all aspects.

Educational Tour

Hebron takes care of their children to provide necessary outings and education tour to places around Kuala Lumpur and neighbouring places.
This gives exposure for the children to experience outdoor activities which will be part of the team building activities.
We made our first tour in recent times to Aquaria KLCC as part of learning and fun-filled journey bringing friendship among the children and as well as the team who helped them travel.

We are excited to see more places and learn more things together, Join with us to explore!!!

Bible Quiz

Celebrations @ Hebron Centre Klang

All the children of Hebron Children school are very active participants of all the events happened in Hebron such as the New year Celebration service, Christmas Celebrations and a few others as well.
We have a team of multi-talented super kids who are very good in singing, dancing, acting in dramas and Skits, enlightening the presence of happiness and joy to the congregations.

Do you think you are talented in doing something? Reach out to us and we will provide you with the platform to showcase your talent to the world. Get ready!!!