Who We Are


“Christ Maybe Pre-Eminent In All Things”
-Colossians 1:18


At Hebron, we are committed to train, teach, and develop every believer to become close to God striving to present everyone perfect in Christ, to this end we labor.

…so that we may present everyone fully mature in Christ.

Colossians 1:28


We work towards advancing the Kingdom of God in every sector of society, in the hearts and lives of all whom Hebron reaches out to.
To encourage and empower every member to become World-Class Christians, Disciples with the mind and mandate of Christ.


  • Through Authentic Praise & Worship.
  • Through Earnest Prayer  (Hebron House of Prayer).
  • Through Discipleship. 
  • Through Evangelism and Mission.
  • Through Social Care Ministries.


“For the LORD your GOD will be with you, fighting on your behalf against your enemies in order to grant you victory”. (Deuteronomy 20:4) (Bible- ISV)


  • Hebron exists to Glorify God.
  • Prayer is the foundation of all we do.
  • Hebron Centre Klang exists as a local expression of the Body of Christ, to share with our world God’s saving love as revealed in His Son, Jesus Christ, and to pursue a vital, living relationship with the Lord and one another, in the power of the Holy Spirit. Kingdom values govern how we gather as a congregation, what we provide in the ways of ministry programs and where we invest our resources – both physical and financial.
  • At Hebron, we believe if we seek, we will find. Find Hope, Truth, GOD Forgiveness Relationships, Broken Lives Made Whole, Marriages Saved, Individuals Empowered, Addictions Broken and Relationships Restored.
  • We believe that every member is a Minister called to express a servants heart- investing their time, talent and resources for the cause of Christ.
  • Finding and restoring lost people for Jesus. God actively demonstrated His Heart for lost people and so should we by intentionally reaching out to others. We believe that the most effective evangelism happens through people inviting people.
  • We have a worldwide calling. Therefore, we partner with other ministries throughout the world in proclaiming the salvation message through Christ. We will specifically pray for the Persecuted Church/Christians.
  • We embrace our city (Klang Valley) in all its diversity both ethnically and economically, by every means possible resulting in ministry that impacts our city.